Pictured L to R: Kate Stephens, Foundation Executive Director; Tony Rebo, Foundation Vice President; Matt Skranak, Foundation Grant Program Committee Member; Zach Sherbo, Foundation Grant Program Committee Member; and Amy Hayes, RN, CPMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation Nurse

The Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Foundation recently started a new program in the hopes to help support medical center departments that they haven't had a chance to help in the past.

The Departmental Grant Program was created earlier this year when the Foundation was discussing what was to be done with the remainder balance of the Mission Fund account. After a few brainstorming sessions, someone suggested using the money to purchase equipment for departments that the Foundation has not historically raised money to support.

"The Foundation as a whole got on board with this idea pretty quickly. The thought of being able to help the medical center employees in ALL departments do their jobs with the newest in technology was very appealing to the group," stated Kate Stephens, Executive Director of the Foundation. "Most often, the Foundation raises money for very expensive items within the medical center, and generally these items are located in just one or two departments. This has been a wonderful way for the Foundation to reach more employees, and more community members than ever before."

Since the program began the Foundation has purchased a treadmill for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, a IO Vascular Access System for the Acute Care and Obstetrics units, a Hi-Lo Traction Table for the Troy Rehabilitative Services program, and a Battery Sweeper for the Environmental Services Department. Additionally, the Foundation is currently in the process of purchasing a new wheelchair scale for the Senior Life Solutions Program.

"We absolutely love that we are able to help more patients receive quality care, and more employees provide compassionate care with this new program," added Stephens.

If you have any questions about the Foundation, or how you can contribute to this cause, or other Foundation campaigns, please contact Kate Stephens at kstep@cabinetpeaks.org or 283-7140.