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31 Day Giveaway


Begins December 1st.
Tickets are $50 each.
One ticket will be drawn every day for the month of December.
The first person drawn will have 1st choice of the prizes with 24 hours to make their choice before the next person is drawn.
If the 1st person does not make their choice within 24 hours, they do not lose their "win", just their spot in the "choice line".


28 guns, 1 compound bow, 1 pair binoculars, 2 pairs of boots (winner may choose size and sex)
All CPMC Foundation Board Members have pictures and a list of all prizes.
All prizes are pictured on CPMC's webpage and social media pages.
As winners chose their prizes, we will cross out the ones that have been chosen.


Will be listed on our website and social media.
Will be contacted by a Foundation Board Member daily.
Will be drawn daily M-F. Weekend winners will be drawn and listed on Fridays.
Must pass a background check if they chose a firearm.
Must make arrangements with Libby Sports for collection of all prizes.

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