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Picture of a mountain outline that says: Cabinet Peaks Clinic at Bull River

Dear Patient,

I regret to inform you that effective December 1st, 2021 Cabinet Peaks will no longer be providing primary care services at our Cabinet Peaks Clinic at Bull River located at 1029 MT-200 Noxon, MT. After December 1st, 2021 Dr. Aumiller will no longer be available to take care of your medical needs.

As always, your ongoing care is our top priority, and we would like to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We value the trust you have put in us and would very much like to continue as the facility of choice for your primary care needs!

We ask that over the next 30 days you choose a new primary care provider to fulfill your healthcare needs. We recognize that there are several places in area to establish care, Cabinet Peaks Clinics Family Medicine in Libby, MT included. Cabinet Peaks Clinics Family Medicine located at 350 Louisiana Ave. in Libby, MT is happy to resume your healthcare needs. You may call our office to schedule a transfer of care appointment at 406-283-6850.

If you decide to receive ongoing care outside of the Cabinet Peaks Clinics, your new providers office may fax their request to Cabinet Peaks Health Information Management at 406-293-7770 to obtain a copy of your records.

For your convenience, I have attached a records release authorization in the event you would like to personally request a copy of your records. In accordance with state law, there will be a nominal fee [$6.50 for records on CD or paper requests over 26 pages] to provide you with a personal copy of your records. No charge is applied when sending directly to a provider.

Records can also be accessed and shared via our Patient Portal which is free. For Portal assistance please contact us at 406-283-7499.

I wish you all the best for your future health and happiness.

Crystal Krabbenhoft
Administrator Cabinet Peaks Medical Group