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Thank you CPMC Auciliary.

Support through Giving

Giving is not just about giving a donation, it's about making a difference, and the CPMC Auxiliary is all about making a difference. The mission of the Auxiliary is to support the hospital with their time, talent, and the purchase of equipment, and is carried out with amazing spirit and generosity by this group of hard working ladies. Most recently, the CPMC Auxiliary donated a total of $10,594 to support 4 separate departments at CPMC.

The equipment purchases this year included a recliner for the Chemotherapy and Infusion Department, 2 sleeper chairs for the Labor and Delivery Unit, a vital sign machine for Acute Care, and 2 aerogen nebulizers for the Respiratory Therapy Department.

Aerogen nebulizers are a new delivery system for respiratory patients who need to receive nebulizer treatments. The new machines vibrate the aerosol into a fine mist, which allows four times more medication to be delivered to patients' lungs and allows for deeper lung penetration. This means more medication is getting to the right spot and should help respiratory patients stay out of the hospital or get better faster.

The Chemotherapy and Infusion recliners allow for a safe and comfortable environment for the chemotherapy and infusions patients to receive care. Devenne Leiss, RN, BSN, CRNI, Chemotherapy & Infusion Coordinator is grateful to the auxiliary for their support. "In the Infusion Department, it is very important for our patients to be warm and comfortable for the duration of their visit. Thanks to the Auxiliary's kindness, we now have a total of four recliners with heat and massage provided. We extend a heartfelt thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary for their support."

The vital sign machine is a portable electronic machine that registers blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, and temperature. It is on a cart which is wheeled from room to room and is used several times a day for each patient.

Finally, the 2 sleeper chairs for the labor and delivery unit are to be used for dads or partners and other family members, allowing them to sleep and rest more comfortably in the room during labor, delivery, and while mom and baby are in the hospital.

Kimberlee Rebo, RN, BSN, CMSRN, Acute Care Manager at CPMC also took a moment to thank the group. "The Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Auxiliary has been so generous to our facility - promoting programs and affecting multiple generations. Thank you, ladies, for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to making a different in our community. We are so appreciative of our new sleeper sofas in our OB unit - these will definitely be appreciated by our families welcoming their newborns."

The CPMC Auxiliary holds fundraising activities throughout the year for the benefit of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. These events include a Fall Event and a Spring Raffle. In addition, they volunteer their time to help with activities inside the medical center and also run the gift shop at CPMC, stocking the store and providing volunteers to staff it as well.

Since 2003, their great fundraising efforts have provided over $110,000 in new equipment to the medical center and the community it serves. If you are interested in becoming a member of the CPMC Auxiliary, please call the gift shop at 283-7015 and leave your name and number with the volunteer.