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Picture of a female nurse and a female patient practicing CPR on a newborn

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center has a New Baby on Board

Neonatal resuscitation is an emergency procedure focused on supporting the approximately 10% of newborn babies who do not readily begin breathing at birth, putting them at risk of irreversible organ injury and death. Through positive airway pressure, and in severe cases, chest compressions medical personnel can often stimulate babies to begin breathing on their own.

At Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, obstetrical nurses and respiratory therapists are certified in a wide variety of programs such as Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), S.T.A.B.L.E., Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. (ACLS).

Along with certification and training, these employees can now experience hands-on instruction thanks to the new Rescue Baby Anne. Baby Anne will be used to improve education as she allows staff to perform real life, real time resuscitation which includes bag mask ventilation, intubation, compressions, IV IO placement, and much more.

CPMC Cardiopulmonary Manager, Alan Carmignani, RT states, "When important skills are not regularly used, people have a tendency to lose their efficiency which can result in costly mistakes. CPMC has long had an adult Rescue Buddy Bob, and we have been able to simulate real life situation in adult patients. By having Rescue Anne, our staff can practice a life like simulation on infants as well. While Neonatal pediatric codes are rare at CPMC, the new Rescue Baby Anne will allow our staff to maintain a high level of skills in the event they are needed, improving outcomes for Lincoln County residents and family."