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CPMC Foundation Departmental Grant Program Brings Equipment to Rehab Services

Exciting additions and developments are occurring with the Pelvic Health Program at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center's Rehab Services. The Cabinet Peaks Foundation Department Grant Program's most recent purchase was a new Pathway CTS 1500 pelvic muscle biofeedback system for the Rehabilitative Service Department.

Biofeedback machines provide a way for patients and therapists to have a visual on proper muscle contraction or relaxation and control in the pelvic area where these muscles can't be seen. This biofeedback machine also includes muscle stimulation to surrounding pelvic floor muscles assisting with pelvic floor strength, sensation, and pain control. The Pathway CTS clinical biofeedback system utilizes two channels: one for intra-vaginal/rectal or external pelvic muscle placement, and one for accessory muscle placement. There is also an option for internal pelvic floor muscle stimulation. The software provides standardized protocols as well as allowing for personalization of treatment sessions to focus on strengthening or relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles and confirmation of pelvic floor muscle usage.

"This equipment will enhance our services for pelvic health treating women and men as well as advance our women's health program," stated Tyler Hanley Rehabilitative Services Manager at CPMC. "We're very excited to get this biofeedback machine and expand our pelvic health and women's health offerings at Cabinet Peaks Rehab. The addition of the machine to our department will be a great asset for our team and allow us to better serve our community. A huge thank you to the CPMC Foundation for supporting the rehab department and joining in our vision to positively make an impact in the community and the lives of our patients."

In addition, three therapists are completing on-site educational courses for in-depth evaluation, assessment, and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Lori Benson, MSPT; Angela Patten, DPT; and Lacey Hemman, PTA will be attending a Pelvic Floor course through Herman & Wallace to enhance their pelvic rehab skills. In depth instruction will be given regarding the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of various diagnosis related to urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain syndromes.

Hanley continued, "These investments will enhance the therapists' skills and abilities to provide quality, compassionate care to the residents we serve in Lincoln and Sanders counties. At Cabinet Peaks Rehab, therapists will provide proper evaluation and assessment of the pelvic floor muscles through external and internal vaginal examination, and sEMG biofeedback. As part of a wholistic plan, therapists will also assess personal dietary and daily habits as well as traditional physical therapy screenings of posture, strength, and body mechanics. The patient and therapists will work together as a team to develop a personalized intervention plan including therapeutic exercise, sEMG biofeedback, external and internal manual therapy techniques, and patient education."

Kate Stephens, Executive Director of the CPMC Foundation is thrilled that the Departmental Grant Program continues to bring quality equipment to the medical center. "The Foundation is pleased to be able to provide equipment like this to the medical center. These smaller pieces of equipment can make such a huge impact on the lives of so many people in our service area, and the Foundation is proud to be a part of that! The departmental grant program, which purchased the biofeedback machine, is funded by the Foundation's Mission Fund. This fund has been a wonderful way for us to continue giving back to individual departments, and to reach more employees and more community members than ever before. We are excited to help the countless women, and men, who can benefit from this particular machine."

If you have questions or would like more information regarding the CPMC Rehabilitative Services Department or their women's health or pelvic health programs, please call 283-7280. For questions, or to make a donation to the Foundation, please call 283-7140.