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Picture of a two nurses (male and female) in an office wearing masks

CPMC Foundation Votes "YES" to Protect its Employees

In the past several months, the term PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, has become commonly used around the entire nation, but it is a term used numerous times a day at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. COVID-19 and the dangers surrounding this aerosol transmissible disease (ATD), have ramped up the need for using respirator masks in the workplace.

A respirator is a device worn over the nose and mouth to protect from hazardous materials in the breathing zone. These masks must be "fit tested" to ensure proper fit to provide the most protection to the wearer. At CPMC, this testing is currently done through our safety manager on an annual basis. The testing is a long process, with the need to fit over 100 employees and medical providers that practice at the facility.

CPMC Foundation Board members have decided to step up and help the medical center out with this burden by purchasing a Portacount Respirator Fit Tester. The Portacount is a machine that conducts Fit testing in place of a person and provides a consistent and objective testing experience for most types of respirators. Its video animations guide staff through proper fit test exercise movements, providing consistent testing and allows administrators to simultaneously multi-task throughout the test. The Portacount also allows group testing of up to 4 people being tested at the same time.

Kate Stephens, Executive Director of the Foundation at CPMC, and Public Information Officer was thrilled that the Foundation could help out with this vital piece of equipment. "This is another example of the importance of the Foundation's Departmental Grant Program," she stated. "Now, more than ever, this type of device is paramount to the wellbeing of the employees at CPMC, both physically and mentally. The Foundation is pleased to play a role in that. We are here to help serve the community, and it makes us proud to help protect the front-line workers who help to keep everyone safe and healthy."

For more information on the Foundation, or to make a donation, call 283-7140