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Holiday Extravaganza!

Traditionally, this is the time of year the CPMC Foundation is in full swing planning for their biggest fundraiser of the year. Preparations for another festive signature event fixing to entertain hundreds of our community members and hoping to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Cabinet Peaks Medical Center would have been well under way. As you may have already guessed, the CPMC Foundation has announced the cancellation of this year's event.

"We have had to make the difficult decision to cancel this year's Festival Gala," stated Allye Anderson, Executive Director of the CPMC Foundation. "The safety of our community and our donor family is of utmost importance to us, and as much as we want to hold our annual Gala, we just don't feel that it is the social responsible thing to do at this time."

In a letter that went out to regular contributors of the Gala, Anderson acknowledged the difficult times local businesses are currently facing. "We are aware of the financial burden our current pandemic has put on many of our local businesses and understand that some of our donors may not be able to give as generously this year as they have in the past, or to give at all. However, if you have the means to support the foundation by making your annual Gala gift, we invite you to do so and would greatly appreciate your support."

CPMC Foundation has had to cancel this major fundraising event for the year, but is still working hard to contribute to the medical center through fundraising. In lieu of the Gala, they have announced a Holiday Extravaganza 5 Day Raffle. Winners will be drawn December 13th through December 17th. Three to four prizes are designated for each day. First name drawn will receive the first prize listed, second name drawn will receive second prized listed, and so forth. Tickets are $50 per ticket and available on the Cabinet Peaks website: or through any CPMC Foundation Board member. Any donation to the Gala and proceeds from the Holiday Extravaganza Raffle will be used for the benefit of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.

Anderson concluded, "I would like to thank our community for their history of generosity to our foundation. It is our donors who make us successful in what we do. We appreciate you and know wholeheartedly that without each and every one of your contributions, our local medical center would not be the outstanding healthcare facility that it is today. Thank you!"

For questions about the CPMC Foundation, the Gala, or the Holiday Extravaganza Raffle, call 283-7140.