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This is a picture of a ct machine


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a way for physicians to look inside your body without exposing you to potentially harmful radiation.
Through MRI, physicians can see every part of your body, including bones, tissues, organs, and veins. It is helpful for diagnosing many diseases or conditions. The only way to see more of the inside of your body is through surgery!

How does MRI work?

An MRI uses...
a magnet 15,000 times stronger than the pull of the earth.
radio waves.
a computer.

During an MRI, your body goes into the center of the magnet. The magnet makes the hydrogen atoms in your body line up in one direction. While the magnet switches on/off, on/off, radio waves go through your body, bounce off your lined-up atoms, and hit the radio "antenna" in the coil around your body. The computer takes those radio signals from the coil and translates them into a 3-D picture!

What is it Like to Have an MRI?

An MRI takes from 30 - 90 minutes.
You may get a shot of a liquid that will "light up" parts of your body. Other than the possible shot, an MRI does not hurt.
You will be asked to change clothes for your exam. This ensures no metal comes near the powerful magnet.
It's cozy inside the magnet. If you are worried about being in a tight space, let your technologist know. We can help!
You must lay very still during your exam. Relax and take a break!

During the exam...

It is very noisy during the exam. We supply ear plugs to block the noise.
You will be able to talk with your technologist at certain times during the exam through an intercom.

Additional Information

Most people can have an MRI. However, if you have a pacemaker or some other types of implants, an MRI may not be an option for you. Ask your physician and your MRI technologist.
Your physician will discuss the scan results with you. Reports are usually completed and given to your physician within 24 hours.

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