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Holistic Pain Management


Do you feel like you are lacking quality of life? Cabinet Peaks Medical Center and Holistic Pain Management are partnering to bring treatment plans that are as unique as you.

A Personal Approach to Pain Management

What is pain management?
Pain management is a comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating and controlling pain. It requires coordinating safe and effective options that can address the various aspects of pain.

What is a pain management provider?
A pain management provider is a medical specialist that is able to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pain conditions using a comprehensive, balanced approach.

When should I see a pain management specialist?
If you are experiencing chronic pain, pain lasting for more than 6 weeks, you should be evaluated so you can find proper treatment and relief. In general, the earlier you can be evaluated, the greater the diagnostic accuracy and faster time to relief.

What makes us different?

Customized Treatment Plans
Top Providers
Reduced Wait Times
Better Outcomes
We offer a comprehensive evaluation to get the root cause of your pain. Our specialized provider then works closely with your primary care provider, physical therapist, and chiropractor to best manage your pain long term. We create a plan to get your pain controlled so you can meet your goals and live your best life.

Call Now

Patients may call our Non-Emergency Hotline to speak to one of our Registered Nurses about pain treatment options @ 1-800-928-6040, or call 406-283-PAIN(7246) to schedule an appointment.

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Holistic Pain Management