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Picture of The Health Resource Center Lobby
Picture of The Health Resource Center Lobby

Healthcare Resource Center

Understanding Your Medical Condition

We understand it is disconcerting to undergo surgery or hospitalization. Therefore, it is important to understand the condition, treatment, and possible outcomes of your surgery and/or course of treatment. Your doctors and nurses are the best sources for information regarding your hospitalization; however, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center has a variety of other resources that you can tap into.

Online Health Search Engine

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center understands the desire family members and patients have to conduct online health research. Below you will find a research library to tens of thousands of health sources where you may read and examine health topics of interest to you. The program includes the Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary, a research engine, and The FastNurse Personal Research Service, as well as other interesting components.

Though your doctor is the best source of accurate information, this online educational library of comparative health information links gives you a starting point for research so you do not have to turn to other popular search engines.

Begin Your Search Below

Click Here For Online Health Dictionary
Click Here For General Health Research
FastNurse Personal Research Coordinator

Lincoln County Health Resources

A Full Life Agency - Personal Care Assistance
Center for Asbestos Related Disease C.A.R.D. - Asbestos Clinic and Information
Dialysis Clinics, Inc,. - Local Dialysis Services-Clinic
Northwest Community Health Center - Sliding fee scale medical and dental clinic
Lincoln County Public Health

Other Health Resources

American Diabetes Association - Diabetes Information
American Cancer Society - Cancer Information
American Heart Association
Arthritis Foundation
Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Chemotherapy Care - Chemotherapy Drugs side effects information
Mayo Clinic Health Information - Medical and Health information and tools
Medicare - The Official US Government Site for People with Medicare
Learn How to Improve Your Prognosis - Mesothelioma Guide
How Mesothelioma Affects Your Body - Mesothelioma Prognosis Network
Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services
National Institutes of Health - Health Information and Research
Radiology - Information on diagnositc imaging, interventional radiology and radiation therapy.
The Citizens' Advocate


Pure North Athletic Club - Fitness and Massage
Curves - Fitness for Women
Studio B - Fitness and Massage

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Lincare - Medical Supplies & Rentals
Norco - Medical Supplies & Rentals
Kalispell Medical Equipment - Medical Supplies & rentals

Drugs and Medications

FDA Drug Information Site
FDA's Approved Drug Products