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Patient Price Information

At Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, we strive to provide the information you need to understand every aspect of your care. In keeping with this promise, we are providing this list for some of our most common services. Cabinet Peaks charges the same for all patients, but depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers, your responsibility may vary. Contact your insurance company to determine the specifics about what you will be expected to pay based upon your individual insurance policy.

Financial Assistance

Click here to visit our Patient Financial Services page for available payment options.

These prices are correct as of September 1, 2013

Click here to view our patient price list. For questions, or to receive a more thorough price estimate for these or other services, please contact our Financial Resource Counselor at (406)283-7005.


These prices are only for the facility portion of a patient bill and do not include professional fees charged by physicians and other health-care providers.

Understanding your Health Insurance

For more information about health insurance, click on the link below.
Understanding YOUR Health Insurance