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Summary of Benefits 2017

Medical Benefits:

The hospital offers two medical plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana that employees may choose from, Basic & Deluxe. We have a stand-alone dental insurance plan and stand-alone vision plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana. See plan design overview to learn more about additional discounts for covered services done at CPMC.

Earned Leave Program:

Each full time employee earns 7.388 hours Earned Leave per pay period for the1st through 4th year of employment. This equates to 24 days per year for vacation, sick leave and holidays. Accrual rates increase to 8.92 hours beginning year 5 through year 8, and 10.46 hours beginning year 9. A maximum of 400 hours may be accrued. Part time employees are granted Earned Leave on a prorated basis. An employee is paid for all accrued Earned Leave upon termination.

Extended Illness Bank:

Each full time employee earns Extended Illness Bank (EIB) at the rate of seven days (56 hours) per year up to a maximum of 368 hours, which is not convertible to cash or bonus at termination. The use of EIB is restricted and is explained in the Personnel Policies. Part time employees are granted EIB on a prorated basis. EIB starts after 1 scheduled working day of hospitalization, and 2nd scheduled working day of sickness.

Long-Term Disability:

All eligible employees at CPMC receive a free long-term disability policy first of the month following date of hire. In the event you become disabled for more than 90 days, the policy will pay 60% of your normal gross salary (up to a $10,000 max) per month until age 65.

Holiday Pay:

Employees who are normally scheduled, but do not work on a holiday, use Earned Leave hours to pay for the time missed from work.

Departments scheduled to serve patients on one of the following holidays will reimburse non-managerial employees who work on the holidays as follows: Any non-managerial employee who has worked his/her scheduled shift prior to the holiday and his/her next scheduled shift after the holiday and is scheduled work on the holiday will receive one and one-half times his/her regular rate of pay for the hours worked on the holiday. Holidays are: New Year Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Rest Break:

Whenever possible, employees may take a 15 minute break every four hours of work. The employee is encouraged to take the break away from his/her workstation. The 15-minute break is counted as time worked.

Bereavement Leave:

The Hospital will grant up to 5 paid scheduled working days off immediately following the event of the death of a spouse, child or significant other. The Hospital will grant up to 3 paid working days off immediately following the event of the death of mother, father, sister, brother, stepsister, or brother, grandparent, and mother or father-in-law or brother or sister-in-law.

Jury Duty Pay:

If an employee is called to serve on jury duty, the hospital will pay the employee his/her regular hourly rate of pay for hours spent serving on the jury duty provided the employee turns his/her jury duty pay over to the hospital.

Retirement Plan:

Savings for retirement is critical, and CPMC actively promotes this through its retirement plan. Eligible employees may begin contributing upon hire. After one year, CPMC matches dollar-for-dollar up to 3% of the employee's compensation, in addition to a 2% non-elective contribution. The plan has a five year vesting schedule; see plan summary for details. Please go to or call (866) 467-7756 to set up your account. For investment advice, please contact D.A. Davidson & Co at 888-564-3008.

Full Flexible Compensation plan:

Each employee is given the opportunity to participate in a Flexible Benefits Program for 1) the hospital's group medical insurance premiums, 2) a medical spending account and 3) a dependent care account. It is the Hospital's intention that the plan qualifies as a Flexible Benefits Program "within the meaning of IRS Section 125 and that the benefits which you elect to receive under the plan be deducted from your gross income. Effective 1/1/11 our Flex Administrator is TASC/Flex Systems. Beginning 1/1/13, the most you can contribute into a Flexible Spending account is $2,650 for the calendar year. Dependent Care maximum remains $5,000 per year.

Supplemental Health Benefits

Allstate offers supplemental benefits such as Accident Solution Plan, Cancer Solution Plan, and other similar products. These voluntary benefits are available to new eligible employees and during open-enrollment.

Life Insurance Plan:

CPMC pays for a $30,000/$50,000 life insurance policy for eligible employees. Additional coverage may be purchased at group rates through payroll deduction from the same insurance provider that covers the base policy. Life insurance is offered through Unum.

Employee Discounts:

As part of the Medical Plan, employees and their family members are given some discounts on certain medical services provided by CPMC. We also provide free flu shots every year, and periodic screening lab tests for employees at free or reduced prices. Our award-winning Food Services provide discounted meals for all employees. Payroll deduction is offered for cafeteria items, via API Deduct-IT

Theme Park Discount:

Discounted consignment Silverwood Theme Park tickets are available by going to, buy tickets now, and then promo code CPMC. The discount is generally available from May through October or the designated season.

Employee Assistance Plan

Employees and their dependents are eligible for counseling, consultation and referral services as well as resourceful information from EAP Consultants, Inc. The contact number is 800-869-0276. Employees can also access the EAP Consultants website at The EAP service highlights include, but are not limited to the following:
•4 visits per issue
•Counselors available 24/7
•Expanded work/life services (legal, financial, child and eldercare referrals, adoption resources, academic referrals & pet care services)
•Organizational consultation for issues such as conflict resolution, drug-free workplace, workplace violence, organizational change and traumatic incidents
•24/7 Nurse Help line
•Health and Wellness Coaching

ID Shield

Each employee is given the opportunity to participate in an identity theft prevention program called ID Shield. This membership includes: Privacy Monitoring; Security Monitoring; Consultation; and Full Service Restoration with a single call to start the process. Payroll deduction is offered. This voluntary benefit is available to all employees year round.

Pet Insurance

PetsNationwide through Nationwide Insurance offers a choice of insurance plans for small/domestic such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Get back up to 90% of the vet bill for many items and VetHelpline available to call a veterinary professional 24/7 ($150 value). This voluntary benefit is available to all employees year round. Payroll deduction is currently not available.

Wellness Incentives:

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center maintains a corporate membership in the Montana Athletic Club, Troy Cutting Crew Fitness Center, Curves for Women, and Beyond Training (Liz Whalen), which relieves the employee of the initiation fee should they wish to become a member of the club. Those employees who choose to join the club will be expected to pay monthly membership dues. Each employee that has joined a health club, and attends eight session in a month will be reimbursed $20.00 per month.

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